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Bed Bugs

When you come across bed bugs on your property, place a call to Certech Environmental Services in Walnut Creek, CA, to help with elimination. We ensure all stages of the bed bug life cycle have been eliminated for your comfort.


Consider yourself in the right place if you are looking for the best services for bird pest control in Walnut Creek, CA. Bird droppings and nesting materials can cause significant damage to the roof, machinery, ventilation and other areas. Therefore, proper bird control is essential.

Cleaning service disinfects office, antiseptic processing of computer from coronavirus and germs.


Call Certech Environmental Services when you are looking for a sanitation services providing company in Walnut Creek, CA. Sanitation is important to making your home look fresh and impressive. We are a trusted Walnut Creek sanitation services providing company you can hire for effective services. Our professionals use high-grade synthetic substances to offer you the best services.


If you require hiring a structural repair company in Walnut Creek, CA, Certech Environmental Services can be your best option for the job. Stabilizing the structure which has moved from the original level is vital, and that is why hiring professionals is the only choice. We are a trusted Walnut Creek structural repair company you should consult with for structural repair. Our contractors are highly trained and dedicated to offering you phenomenal services.


If your home requires protection against termites in Walnut Creek, CA, consider yourself in the right place. Termite infestation can be a real headache not only because of health issues, but also because of the structural damage that these bugs cause. Get in touch with Certech Environmental Services when looking for a professional company to deal with Walnut Creek termite infestation. As an established pest control company, we have been providing termites treatment for a while now.


We will perform a detailed structural assessment to determine rodent access points then customize a plan for exclusion and trapping. After repairs, we perform a mass-trapping service to eliminate rodents quickly.