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Certech’s Bird Exclusion services offer non-toxic and humane methods of dispersing bird populations. The presence of roosting and nesting birds can leave an unwanted experience for your guests. Pest birds cause millions of dollars in damage every year to buildings, machinery, automobiles, roofs, ventilation systems and much more. Bird droppings and nesting materials, which are allowed to accumulate pose health conditions which can become very serious if they are not corrected immediately. Our experienced technicians will identify the best solution for your individual needs.

Walnut Creek Bird Control


Are you looking for effective bird control measures in Walnut Creek, CA? Certech Environmental Services is a name to count on. We offer trusted services that help you with Walnut Creek bird control.

We have the non-toxic and humane methods to help with Walnut Creek bird control.

The presence of nesting birds give you an unpleasant experience, and to avoid this, you need professional help for bird control. When in need of Walnut Creek bird control, rely on our expertise.

When there is the presence of birds in your building, it damages your machinery, automobiles, roofs, ventilation systems and much more. We can help you to avoid such damages with the help of Walnut Creek bird control.

Get in touch with us for the following:

  • Pigeon control
  • Bird nest removal
  • Bird removal
  • Bird pest control

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