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How do we eliminate Bed Bugs? We use heat technology to ensure that all stages of the Bed Bug life cycle have been eliminated from egg to adult.

Portable heaters are used to gradually heat the ambient temperature within rooms to an average temperature of 135ยบ F while we monitor with remote temperature sensors. We then use the most effective products available on the market to ensure that Bed Bugs stay away for good. Our 2 year warranty guarantees your satisfaction.

Our eco-friendly Bed Bug heat treatment options provide a low-risk solution for our clients and the environment due to the minimal use of traditional insecticides.

1 Year Warranty

Walnut Creek Bed Bugs


When you come across bed bugs on your property, place a call to Certech Environmental Services in Walnut Creek, CA, to help with elimination. Any complaints on a travel site about Walnut Creek bed bugs can lead to spoiling your reputation.

To avoid any damage to your reputation, you must look into eliminating Walnut Creek bed bugs from your commercial property, such as motels, guest houses and more.

Bed bugs are an invitation to various health issues. We use low-risk, eco-friendly products and techniques to help you get rid of Walnut Creek bed bugs. Our team has experience working in both residential and commercial properties. Get in touch with us for:

  • Bed bug heater
  • Bed bug heat treatment cost
  • Kill bed bugs with heat
  • Heat pest services

Call Certech Environmental Services for Walnut Creek bed bugs!

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